Kiteboarding kites are powerful and can be extremely dangerous, they must always be regarded with respect.  At PROKITE SOUTH PADRE we will teach you how to handle kiteboarding kites safely. Whether you are coming to us for your first flying experience or to take your current skills to the next level, we can help you improve both your kite handling and riding.


PROKITE Commitment to Quality:

Learning Environments: we will not work in crowded or otherwise unfavorable locations.  We will take our clients to uncrowded locations with favorable wind and water conditions where we can work on improving skills and having a good time at or near any of our primary locations.

Kiteboarding Technique and Information: kiteboarding is a dynamic sport, there is more than one way to understand or learn to do many of the things kiteboarders do. Our goal is to teach you how to use your kite in many ways to help you do what you want to do. In addition to building kite handling and riding skills, our instructors will be constantly working to raise our clients awareness of their surroundings, of their gear, and of their own abilities, in order to help ensure that our clients are more knowledgeable, responsible, and capable kiters.

Services and Equipment:  Instructor to student radio communication, even in the water (HeadZone waterproof radio helmet system).  Instructor always in close proximity to student, even in the water (YAMAHA WAVERUNNER support for every water based lesson).  Photo and video documentation of your experience.  A lot of school gear all in excellent condition ensures clients will be working with  the most appropriate gear for the situation.



 PROKITE Lesson Programs:




(LAND BASED)  (2hr Minimum)

PRIVATE LESSON    $100 / hr 

PRIVATE PARTY       $80 / hr / person      (4 Students per Instructor Max)rigging

If you have never flown a kiteboarding kite before, this is where you start. In a BASIC KITE CONTROL LESSON you will learn how to handle powerful kites safely, and develop the skills you need to use your kite to ride.

  • Kite handling and flying (kite control)
  • Kite awareness and understanding (kite safety)
  • Picture and video service
  • Fun and informative
  • Private or Private Party with discount (4 person max)


Additional Information about Basic Kite Handling

This is a FUN and very informative session! A Basic Kite Handling class is something that anyone can participate in and enjoy. It is loaded with information as well as lots of kite flying and skill building. The intensity level of this class can be adjusted by your instructor from low to high to suit each individual clients desires. So whether you are a person who really wants to learn to kiteboard and are ready for a challenge and adrenaline rush, or you are not (yet) and are simply curious to learn how kiteboarding works and feels without doing anything scary or breaking a sweat, you can do it in a Basic Kite Handling class.  (and we will take cool pictures of you either way)




(WATER BASED)  (2hr Minimum)

PRIVATE LESSON     $150 / hr

PRIVATE PARTY        $120 / hr / person     (2 Students per Instructor Max)

Whether you are trying to get your first rides, link turns and change direction with speed and flow, boost big air, or learn a new trick, our RIDING LESSONS can help you achieve your goal.

  • Instructor to student radio helmet communication
  • YAMAHA waverunner support
  • Multiple techniques and tips for all types of riding
  • Picture and video service
  • Private or Private Party with discount (2 person max)


Additional Info About Advanced Kite Control and Riding Lessons

At PROKITE we recognize that everyone develops kiteboarding skills at their own pace, and that kiteboarding is a dynamic sport with more than one way to do or understand skills. Our goal in any level of Riding Lesson is to give our clients multiple skills and strategies to help them accomplish their goals, while having a safe and fun time.  During Riding Lessons your instructor will be close, highly mobile, and in communication with you at all times, and will introduce you to a variety of techniques and skills to help you improve your kiteboarding. The intensity level of Riding Lessons is up to you. We encourage you to push your limits, but at the same time not to exhaust yourself physically or mentally. During PROKITE Riding Lessons it is easy to take breaks. From wherever the lesson may be our students can climb out of the water for a rest, talk to their coach, or watch technique demonstrations without losing any lesson time.



(LAND BASED)  (30 Minute Minimum)

PRIVATE                $100 / hr

PRIVATE PARTY    $80 / hr / person    (Flexible Group Size)

Get the info you need to take your kite control, riding, or equipment performance to the next level.

  • Practice a specific kite handling technique
  • Tips, simulations, drills, and demonstrations for Riding Techniques
  • Various unassisted launching and landing techniques
  • Techniques for swimming gear back to shore
  • Equipment tuning, optimizing, and modifying
  • New gear familiarization
  • Professional supervision and advise, safe environment
  • Private or Private Party with discount

Additional Information about PRO CLINICS

This is a quick session for experienced kiters to brush up on kite handling technique, familiarize themselves with or test new kite gear they have, or simply clear up any questions they have about kite or riding technique in a safe and supervised environment.  Please be rigged and ready on time and with the gear you want to work with.  There is no photo service for these sessions.





    • Your Groups Not Ours
      • PROKITE does not create the groups (although we can introduce you to people you might want to team up with)
      • Groups are generally of friends or family that want to ride together 
    • Simultaneous Learning and Kiting
      • Each group member will have their own set of gear to use throughout the lesson
      • More kiting and fun in less time than when sharing 1 set of gear
      • Gear better suited for each rider than when sharing 1 set of gear
    • Discounted Rate
      • Group lesson participants receive approximately 20% savings each
Additional Information about Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to have a fun time with a friend or friends.  Group lessons participants often experience less individual pressure when learning, while at the same time are motivated to succeed by the other group members.  Friends can offer insight and encouragement in unique ways, and it can also be helpful to observe another students style, successes, and difficulties to better understand your own experience. PROKITE generally encourages our clients to find a friend of a similar kiteboarding ability level and organize a Group Lesson.  There are however some potential drawbacks to group lessons to be aware of.   Although your instructors can communicate instantly with any group member through the radio system, the instructors time is divided when coaching more than one kiter at once.  Although your instructor will work to keep group members close, there will frequently be more distance from client to instructor than during regular private lessons. During group Riding Lessons it can more difficult to organize breaks for individual group members, and therefore group lessons can be more physically intense than regular private lessons.  Also, during a group lesson the number of students simultaneously handling kites is based on safety considerations and is determined by the instructor.  If your instructor determines it is impractical or unsafe for there to be more than one client flying a kite at any time, then the group members will switch from simultaneous kite flying to sharing a single set of gear, using it in turns until it is possible to return both or all group members to their own gear and resume simultaneous kiteboarding.  There are no additional discounts if group members spend part of the lesson session sharing equipment.  It is our goal that each group member spends the maximum possible time during a lesson using their own set of kiteboarding gear.

Land Based Lessons, especially Basic Kite Handling, are fantastic group lesson environments for participants of all ranges of ability level and motivation.  Group Riding Lessons are generally best for clients that are of similar physical or kiteboarding ability level, and are individually comfortable in the water.  If, based on your own past experience, you think you might have a lot of individual needs, or simply know that you will want the security of your instructor next to you at all times, then please consider a private lesson instead.





6hr Package
PRIVATE                      $850
PRIVATE PARTY        $675 / person
9hr Package
PRIVATE                     $1215
PRIVATE PARTY       $970 / person
12hr Package
PRIVATE                     $1500
PRIVATE PARTY      $1200 / person



A Lesson Package is a great way to ensure awesome kiteboarding experiences while saving money at the same time!This is a great option if you are a person who

  • is coming to one of our locations for a vacation and will be available for a few days or more in a row
  • lives near one of our locations and will be available for a few days or more over the course of a few weeks.

Lesson Packages are also great for any level of rider:

  • whether you are just beginning or have been riding for years, booking a Lesson Package (Kite Camp) will ensure you learn new skills or improve and develop your kiteboarding, get awesome pictures and video, ride the best locations on the best gear for the day, and have a great time!

Additional Info About Lesson Packages-Lesson Packages are the same great lesson/kite session experience we offer in our regular lessons, with all the same levels of service, commitment to quality, and fun.  At PROKITE we appreciate our clients commitment to kiteboarding and to us, and are happy to offer a package of lessons at a discounted rate.  There are a few unique Kite Camp policies to be aware of:-Kite Camp is a commitment:  We do require that Kite Camps are paid for in full at the time of booking, and are only refundable if cancelled at least 10 days prior to the start date.  (We are happy to rescheduled your start date without penalty, however please call at least 10 days prior to your start date when possible so we can better accommodate our instructors and other clients)-Kite Camp timeframes are flexible:  Although generally accomplished in 3-10 days in 3 – 7 sessions (2-3hrs each) kite camps can be accomplished in as little time as 2 consecutive days, or over the course of 6 months or more.   We can work with our clients to create a lesson schedule that works best.




SUPERVISED SESSIONS          fall news supervised3

$100/ day / person


  • Waverunner Retrieval
  • Tips from the Beach
  • Use of PROKITE Demo Gear
  • Must be Self Sufficient Kiter
  • Proof of Necessary Kite Control and Kiteboarding Knowledge Required


This is a great option for:

  • Days with light or offshore winds
  • Riders working on new skills or tricks
  • Beginners that can bdrag upwind and almost stay upwind riding
  • Anyone that wants access to excellent kites and boards from the DEMO Collection



Supervised sessions and gear rental!  Everyone feels better when you know someone has your back, especially when your out kiting and that person has a jetski.
In addition to our regular lesson program, PROKITE will be offering supervised sessions from our kitespot at the South Flats.  We keep an eye on you when your out there and bring you back in via waverunner if you get stuck. We are also happy to offer quick tips and coaching from the beach when we are not out on the water with clients!  Supervised sessions can include rental gear to qualified riders as well!  In order to qualify for a supervised session you need to be a self sufficient kiter, which means:  you can safely launch, go out on the water and practice, and get yourself back to shore ON YOUR OWN if you have to.  Your riding may not be 100% yet, but your kite handling, solo landing, self rescue, and upwind bdrags must be.






Additional Regular Lesson Information


  • All regular lessons are billed for a minimum 2 hr session, except Pro Clinics  which are 1/2 hr minimum
  • Lesson time is only pro-rate when lesson time cannot be completed due to wind or weather.
  • If there is enough wind to relaunch the kite, there is is enough wind to have a productive kiteboarding experience.