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“My wife and I had the pleasure to travel down to SPI for some Kiteboarding instruction with Brett. Brett was great to deal with during the planning stages of the trip and while we were there. The equipment was excellent and having the jet ski support and helmets with radios really help with instant feedback in addition to obvious safety benefits. Brett was also able to capture some great videos of us while following us on the jetski. These provide great feedback as well as entertainment.
Defiantly plan on getting back down there for more instructions in an ideal location.
We both learned a great deal and greatly improved our skills.
Thanks again Brett we hope to see you again soon.”

-Dan, Norwalk OH, June 2019

“Great first experience down in South Padre – I had never been to SPI before and Brett was very responsive to my initial emails with questions about coordinating my trip. Prokite has a van conveniently set up right on the beach with a variety of gear for all conditions (I rode kites between 8 and 17m and a different board each day to match the conditions). It was super convenient being able to change kites right on the spot when the wind changed. The prokite team was very helpful giving pointers about things to look out for and other helpful tips about their spot in the flats. I failed to bring a full wetsuit down and Brett reserved one for me for the last day which was great. If anyone is considering taking lessons I would highly recommend both Prokite and SPI in general. The shallow flat water conditions, consistent wind, excellent coaching and jet ski service will have you up and riding a lot faster than at other places I’ve seen. I’ll absolutely be using Prokite for my next trip down.”

-David, Chicago IL, November 2018

“Tim, Luke, Dana, Brett and Mary will get you up and riding. They have the location, gear and knowledge to get you thru the learning curve. Do not make the same mistake I did and think you can piece together a few lessons here and there and then practice on your own. I progressed so much faster with their instruction, the jet ski, radio and state of the art gear, it makes the learning period a great experience.
Make sure to book in advance and to get a package. Well worth the money to get you up and riding.”

-William, Park City UT, April 2018

“I had a wonderful experience with the Prokite Team after choosing South Padre Island as my destination for kiteboarding lessons. I was nervous, excited and didn’t know what to expect after deciding to give kiteboarding a ‘GO’.
From my first lesson with Dana to lessons with Brett and Mary, the entire experience was first rate. These instructors know what they’re doing and know how to teach! The learning process is a progression and they take you thru it till it all comes together and it clicks. Their professionalism and attention to detail is spot on.
You feel like a part of the Prokite family while you’re taking lessons, and hanging out sharing and meeting other students.
The location for the lessons is incredible. A huge salt water lagoon that never gets too deep is the perfect environment for learning. I will definitely return for more lessons with these great people and highly recommend them!”

-Monty, Baltimore MD, May 2018

“Brett and his team are consummate professionals!
They have top notch equipment and are fabulous teachers for ALL levels,
They WILL get you Kiting!
Using radios in headsets and wave runners…they are right there on the water with you, helping with thoughtful and encouraging teaching techniques.
Cannot wait to get back…”

-Mark, Chicago IL, May 2017

“This was my second kiteboarding trip, and my first time to meet Brett. He was extremely thorough in instruction from, safety, self rescue, flying the kite and riding. His instruction is easy to understand and on point. I felt safe and learned a lot on the water. Brett seemed to have an organized lesson schedule too. It was not just get out and ride, but, he would have a demonstration and be able to talk to us while he was instructing. I could go on and on, but this was truly a first class experience. If you want to learn to kiteboard, Brett Newcomb is your guy!”

-@eknox47, Houston TX, March 2017

“Did not expect to have such a great experience with Brett. Met him at the south flats. Got some great advice on approach to weather conditions tides and launching. His staff took some pics for us, launched and landed us when ever needed etc. Brett even loaned me his wet suit hoodie when I came in shaking cold the first day. Brett let me demo some kites and made me a great deal to replace my 2012 kite. I broke my bar the next day and he had one ready for me the next morning.
Can’t say enough about how much his group added to our trip in advice, showing us tricks and general upbeat attitude. He was there every morning, preparing for lessons, He always had his jet ski out for his lessons which gave a feeling of safety to the overall group. He even took some pics of us kiting with his drone, really cool.
If your thinking about an SPI trip contact Brett at ProKite for some great trip planning advice, and support with everything you will need to make it a successful and fun trip.”

-@rdavidson2016, Austin TX, December 2016

“Brett, Mary and Ollie are amazing instructors! Needless to say they got my son and I up and kiting. They are so cool and laid back but when it comes safety and teaching they are in the zone and completely focused on making sure you have the best experience and learn to kite safely. They never tire of answering all of our nube questions and go out of their way to ensure you get your money’s worth. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Just wish we had more days.”

-Dave, May 2016

“I’ve been to padre island twice, and have had instruction by 3 different companies, and Brett is by far the best. He’s watching second by second the entire time giving instructions as you need them on kite movement, board control, body posture, you name it he comes up with so many suggestions for improvement and I realize yea, I’m doing that, need to change that. He easily spots 5 times more than what others do, with the radio headsets and instantaneous feedback I can’t imagine better instruction. He’s very patient and positive too. Worth every penny to learn the world’s funnest sport. Give him a call.”

-Robert, November 2015

“It was my first time kiting anywhere and, on the advice of a friend, I went down to South Padre and got a set of lessons from Brett. I was not disappointed. Starting on the beach learning kite skills and then progressively and logically moving to water lessons and board lessons, I was up on my second day. I was amazed as to how quickly the lessons progressed and I absolutely will be a repeat customer. He is an intuitive instructor that knows what the student can and wants to do. Never pressuring, always supportive. He has a wide selection of gear and is a fun guy to spend some instructional time with. Would recommend to anyone.”

-Colin, Austin TX, May 2015

“The combination of Brett’s relaxed, flexible teaching style and the equipment (jet ski, helmet speakers, boards, kites, etc) he has available made my learning experience very enjoyable and successful. After 3 lessons, I felt comfortable enough to venture out on my own, and have since been back to South Padre to practice the basic skills I learned during my first trip.
I definitely will be returning to South Padre again for more advanced lessons from Brett, and am very appreciative of his down-to-earth instruction and passion for kite boarding. He also provided solid advice about kiting equipment, as well as beta on good places to eat and other fun activities on the island.”

-Cameron, Billings MO, December 2014

“We have taken lessons elsewhere, but were not ready to go it alone.
Laguna Madre in SPI is a great place to learn! It makes a huge difference when you are a novice to be able to stand up on the bottom and regroup, and the warm water helps. The wind was steady.
The instruction however made it worth the trip! Brett and Mary are great instructors, very safety oriented, really paid attention to what each of us was doing right/ wrong with individualized suggestions. They invested in a quality integrated helmet radio system which makes instruction real time and valuable (so much better than having a radio in a bag strapped to your helmet that you cannot hear). Nothing beats having the instructor on the water with you as they can see/correct the little things that make a difference (vs an instructor 100 yards away on the shore).”

-@BaronAnchorage, Wausu WI, November 2014

“Took my first lesson from Brett at Prokite and in no time I was up and enjoying kiting, able to get and stay up wind. Taking another lesson this Apr. to work on some more advanced skills like toe side riding, jumping,self launching and who knows what else we can cover. A three hour lesson will cover a whole lot of ground. He has a huge amount of patience and never gets the least bit frustrated with his lessons. The gear is new and he uses full audio helmets that you can easily hear him talk in any wind condition….no yelling from a boat. Also his great deals on used and new kites and control bars. I liked the Blade Trigger they use so much I bought a used one for a great price. Highly recommend you take a lesson from Prokite if you need any level of skill from beginner to the most advanced skills. Brett rides at a pro level and that skill is obvious if you ever had a chance to see him ride or have taken a lesson.”

-Rob, Bismarck ND, May 2013

“This November we just inished two days of sessions with Brett and Prokite. With his radio helmets and jet ski you are constantly getting expert real time instruction. As you are making your transitions, working to get upwind or whatever area you want to improve, he walks you through the process real time and provides instantaneous corrections allowing you to improve faster.
Brett is more than an excellent kite border he is a true teacher. He is able to adjust his instruction to your capability to absorb the info. He also interjects safety tips with visual examples. He makes the learning fun. We had a great time and progressed greatly.
We were novices to South Padre and helped get us aquainted with the area and Kitboarding safety areas.”

-@MrHap, November 2013

Just want to use this space to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that I and the various PROKITE staff have had the opportunity to kite with, it has truly been our pleasure and we look forward to riding with you again!

-Brett Newcomb