special deals for Spring 2019


!  2019 Special Deals  !

Deal # 3   

Trade in your gear for credit towards a brand new setup!

  • You get a great new kit and no dont have to worry about what to do with the old gear
  • We get good inexpensive used gear great for helping us get our locals and kids started in kiteboarding
  • Its a Win – Win.  Thank you!



On The Menu ….

School Gear is 4 Sale ! 

Fell in love with the kite you learned to ride on?  Keep a good thing going and take it home with you.  Huge discounts on school gear.  30 -50%.

Check the Used Gear List Here


Book Now  –  by calling or emailing us at the shop.  Yes we still handle all reservations in person to ensure the highest levels of Service and the lowest levels of Confusion.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this isn’t like renting kayaks or reserving movie tickets; we have questions, you have questions, its better for both of us this way.