Riding Lessons


(WATER BASED)  (2-hour)


PRIVATE PARTY        $280/person  (Max 2 person per instructor)

Whether you are trying to score your first rides, link turns and change direction with speed and flow, boost big air, or learn a new trick, our RIDING LESSONS can help you achieve your goal. Included in this lesson:

  • Instructor to student radio helmet communication
  • YAMAHA waverunner support
  • Use of the latest high-quality kiteboarding equipment
  • Instruction tailored to your skill level and goals
  • Picture and video service
  • Private or Private Party (Maximum 2 person per instructor)

Additional Information about this class:

Kiteboarding is a dynamic sport with multiple pathways to learning and improving skills. PROKITE recognizes that everyone learns differently and progresses at their own pace. Regardless of your skill level, our mission is to facilitate a safe and fun session, offer multiple strategies to enhance your skills and learn new ones, and ultimately provide a productive and supportive experience to help you accomplish your goals. During your riding lesson, your instructor will be nearby, highly mobile and responsive, and in communication with you at all times.

The intensity level of this class will be adjusted by your instructor to suit your individual needs. In order to get the most out of your lesson, we encourage you to challenge yourself while remaining mindful of your limits physically and mentally. You’ll be able to take a break anytime- feel free to climb out of the water for a rest, to talk to your coach, or to watch technique demonstrations without losing any lesson time.

Book Now by calling or emailing the PROKITE shop. To ensure the highest level of service and to minimize miscommunication, we handle all reservations by speaking with you one-on-one. To better help us serve you, we’ll need to know some things, such as your age and skill level. Almost anyone can learn how to kite, so let’s get you on the water- call or email us today!

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