Private Group Lessons


INTRO TO KITEBOARDING $100 / hr / person  (Max 4 students per instructor) (land-based) (2 hour minimum)

RIDING LESSONS…………. $140 / hr / person  (Max 2 person per instructor) (water-based) (2 hour minimum)

PRO CLINIC………………….. $100 / hr / person (Flexible group size) (Half-hour minimum)

We also offer group packages of 8 and 12 hours. Please see Lesson Packages page.
Group lessons are a great way to have a fun time with friends or family. Group lesson participants often experience less individual pressure when learning, and often find that learning alongside familiar faces enhances the motivation to succeed. Friends can also offer insight and encouragement in unique ways. Participants may also find it helpful to be able to observe other participants’ style, successes, and difficulties.
    • Your groups, not ours (We can introduce you to people you might want to team up with)
    • All gear provided
    • Each group member will have their own set of gear to use throughout the lesson
    • Students save approximately 20% by choosing a group lesson
Additional information about GROUP LESSONS:

PROKITE generally encourages our clients to organize a group lesson with friends of similar kiteboarding ability. Group Riding Lessons, or water-based lessons, are generally best for groups of similar physical or kiteboarding ability and who are already comfortable in the water. However, land-based lessons, especially Basic Kite Handling, are fantastic environments for participants of varying ability and motivation.

Use of the equipment during group lessons:

During a group lesson, the number of students simultaneously handling kites is based on safety considerations and is determined by the instructor. If your instructor determines that it is impractical or unsafe for multiple students to fly their kites simultaneously, students will take turns using one set of gear until it becomes safe and practical to resume simultaneous kite handling. There are no additional discounts if group members spend part of the lesson session sharing equipment. It is our goal that each student spends as much time as possible using the equipment during a group lesson.

Is a group lesson appropriate for you?

Although your instructor will utilize the radio system to communicate instantly with all group lesson participants, the instructor’s attention will at times be divided between participants. Your instructor will work to keep group members close, but there will frequently be more distance from client to instructor than during individual private lessons. It can be more difficult to organize breaks for individual group members during water-based group riding lessons, and therefore these lessons can be more physically intense than individual private lessons. If you have specific needs or you think that you may prefer the security of your instructor next to you at all times, a private lesson may be more suitable. We are happy to help you decide which type of lesson will be more rewarding for you.

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