What kind of lessons does Prokite offer?

PROKITE offers personalized kiteboarding lessons for all levels and styles of riders. Whether you are just learning to ride or taking it to the next level with jumping, tricks, or trying new toys like surfboards and hydrofoils, PROKITE kiteboarding lessons will give you the support you need to progress. Our kiteboarding lessons are taught by competent and certified instructors using waverunner support and radio helmet communication to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Private Lessons: 1 on 1 with a Pro-coach

Private Group Kiteboarding Lessons: Your own group of friends or family with a Pro-coach.  (Prokite does not organize group lessons, although sometimes we can help connect people).  Lower rate per person than Private Lessons.

Riding Lessons:  Regular kiteboarding and related riding sessions, with a Pro-coach, Waverunner, and Radio Support.

Land Based Lessons:  Take place on dry ground and less than waist deep shallow water, do not involve the use of waverunner support and include the following:

  • Intro to Kiteboarding – special rate session for first timers, gets you ready for a regular riding lesson. 
  • Kids Lessons – land and shallow water based kids lesson include a variety of possible fun activities.
  • Dirt surfing with the buggy or mountain boards
  • Lessons for advanced kiters looking to improve their kite flying or to practice a specific kite handling skill. 

Pro Clinics: Shorter duration Land Based sessions for experienced kiters looking for info or skill building in a specific topic or two.

Lesson Packages: Can be booked in 8 or 12 hour increments at a lower rate than non-package reservations. These include both private lessons and private group lessons. Paid in full at time of booking. Please see details about our cancellation policy below. 

How long are the lessons?

Lesson Length is typically 2-3 hours, which we consider plenty for a productive and rewarding session. Most lessons are billed at a minimum of 2 hours, except for the Pro Clinics  which are 1/2 hour minimum and Kids Lessons which are 1 hour minimum. It is not uncommon for clients on vacation to plan for multiple sessions in one day, with a break in between.

Please note: Lesson time will only be pro-rated when lesson can not be completed due to wind or weather. Because light wind skills are imperative to kiteboarding, PROKITE operates on the principle that if there is enough wind to relaunch the kite, there is is enough wind to have a rewarding and productive kiteboarding experience.

What time do lessons start?

Lesson Start Times are often at 10:30am, 1pm, 330pm and 530pm (awesome sunset sessions in summer), but are subject to adjustment based on wind and weather conditions.  PROKITE sends morning windcheck text messages to clients on our schedule to confirm or adjust start times as necessary. 

Tip: be a few minutes early to gear-up, sunblock-up, or wetsuit-up, so we can get the kite up right away!

Where do the lessons take place?

Lesson Meeting Location is known as the ‘South Flats.’ The entrance is just north of the SPI Convention Center, on the left. You will see an unpaved road leading to wide bayside beach access. PROKITE sets up in the northernmost corner by the water. To reach us, follow the hard-packed path along the perimeter of the flats to the right. It is safe for all vehicles in all conditions, but to be safe, avoid the middle of the deeper puddles when it is wet.  Occasionally we meet at alternate locations, in which case we will notify you in advance or during morning windcheck. 

UPDATE 2020: Most lessons are now meeting at the Shop and departing with coach on waverunner from there. 

Check the Map here

What should I bring?

Prokite Lessons Include all of the highest-quality kiteboarding gear you will need, excluding wetsuits, which typically aren’t required except during the coolest months. Let us know in advance if you’d like to rent a wetsuit for an additional $20. Plan to arrive beach and water ready with towel, sun protection, sunglasses, water, and snacks. 

PROKITE Kite Shop is our year-round fully-stocked kiteboarding shop, located right down the road from excellent flat-water riding and South Padre Island’s clean, kite-friendly beaches. If you forgot to bring something, we’ve go you covered. 

Rentals are a great way to try out new gear and avoid lugging your own gear from home (Reserved for experienced kiters who are proficient at staying upwind in all conditions.)

What should I wear?

Surf Boots (booties) are not required, but are recommended for beginners. Our kiting locations are quite foot friendly, but it is not uncommon for beginners to put their feet down a lot and to incur small cuts from seashells or to be distracted by the bay floor, which is composed mostly of sandy patches and soft seagrass. We offer high-quality, comfortable booties for sale in the PROKITE shop.

Temperatures vary throughout the year. From early May through mid October, air and water temperatures are very warm- sun protection is your main focus. November through April, air and water temperatures change dramatically from week to week. For fall and winter trips, bring a full-length midweight wetsuit (3/2mm or 4/3mm). December and January bring the most cold weather days, but even in mid-winter we enjoy some warm days and don’t always need a fullsuit. The PROKITE kite shop is always fully stocked with warm, cool and cold weather gear, including neoprene accessories like fullsuits, neoprene layers, kiting jackets, gloves, boots, and hoods. Fullsuits are also available for rent. 

How do I book lessons?

You may call or email us at anytime in order to reserve a spot on our schedule. You have the option to book lessons individually at the standard lesson rate (no deposit required), or to prepay for a lesson package of 6, 9, or 12 hours. Please see below for details on our cancellation policy. 

What is Prokite’s cancellation policy?

Non-package reservations require no deposit and cancellations can be made at any time and do not incur a cancellation fee. However, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible in the event that you need to cancel or re-schedule your lessons. 

All package reservations require payment in-full at time of booking. In order to recieve a full refund, cancellation must be requested no later than 10 days prior to package start date, in which case package will be refunded in full with no cancellation fee, no questions asked. If cancellation is requested within the 10-day window prior to package start date, full credit is issued, and can be applied towards either future lesson reservations or the purchase of gear. There are no re-scheduling or hidden fees, no penalty for incomplete hours, nor is there an expiration date for credit issued. Upon cancellation within the 10-day window, you are not required to reserve future dates until ready to do so.

What if I need to re-schedule?

We are happy to reschedule your lessons at no charge, however we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, so that we can sufficiently accommodate our instructors and other clients. 


Book Now by calling or emailing the PROKITE shop. To ensure the highest level of service and to minimize miscommunication, we handle all reservations by speaking with you one-on-one. To better help us serve you, we’ll need to know some things, such as your age and skill level. Almost anyone can learn how to kite, so let’s get you on the water- call or email us today!

541 490 6872



PROKITE Commitment to Quality:

Learning Environments: We will not work in crowded or otherwise unfavorable locations.  We will take our clients to safe, uncrowded locations with favorable wind and water conditions where we can focus on improving skills and having a good time.

Kiteboarding Technique and Information: We recognize that kiteboarding is a dynamic sport with multiple pathways to learning and improving skills, and that everyone learns differently and progresses at their own pace. Regardless of a client’s skill level, we will facilitate a safe and fun session, offer multiple strategies to enhance skills and learn new ones, and ultimately provide a productive and supportive experience to help clients accomplish their goals. In addition to building kite handling and riding skills, our instructors will constantly work to raise our clients’ awareness of their surroundings, their gear, and their own abilities in order to help ensure that our clients become knowledgeable, responsible, and capable kiteboarders.

Services and Equipment: We will only use safe equipment of the highest quality, suited to each client’s needs and the day’s conditions. We will provide efficient and superior instruction through the use of instructor-to-student radio communication and Yamaha waverunner support. We will strive to go the extra mile by providing photo and video documentation of your experience.