Our Instructors


Brett Newcomb

A veteran kiteboarder since the sport’s first appearance in the 2000s, Brett is a thoroughly knowledgeable resource for all things kiteboarding. Brett’s passion and dedication has made Prokite the thriving center for kiteboarding in SPI that it is today.

Brett’s diligent kite instruction is highly sought-after. A general windsports enthusiast, Brett is also a windsurfer, paraglider, and Trans-Atlantic sailing pirate.



Tim Bighley

Tim is a natural-born kiteboarding instructor due to his patience and enthusiasm for all things kiteboarding. He has been hooked on kiteboarding since his first lesson in 2016.

Tim is always down for an adventure or a kite session, and his energy is contagious. Tim’s hobbies are many and include traveling, dancing Zouk, cooking, and accumulating excessive quantities of organic vegetables.




Sail Schechter

Sail is a veteran kite instructor with over nine years of coaching experience. He transitioned from windsurfing to kiteboarding as a teenager in La Ventana, Mexico and has been in love with the sport ever since.

A talented and enthusiastic kiter, Sail describes himself as a “park rat.” His favorite type of riding is unhooked wake-style and he prefers to spend his sessions in flat water hitting park features. His favorite thing about teaching is getting a good tip!