40412 MBS ATOM B18-DX Electric Skateboard



Still trying to decide between the comfort and efficiency of a street commuter versus the power and durability of an all-terrain board? Our advice, why not both? With Atom’s new B18-DX 2-in-1 All-Terrain/Street Electric Longboard you can commute during the week and explore backroads on the weekend with ease. Just swap wheels and go!

Looking for more speed, range, or torque? With the B18DX, now you can customize your ride further with our included pulley, wheel, and belt combinations. Surrounded by steep terrain? Throw the 60T pulley and 90mm wheels on to increase your board’s hill climbing power. Ready to race? Adding the 48T pulley and 100mm wheels will significantly boost your overall top speed. With four gear combinations to choose from, experimenting with gearing and motor principles has never been easier! Performing simple customizations in the comfort of your own home will give you a peek into the growing network of ESK8 DIYers while saving the complex electronics for another day.

Come take a ride and get to know the B18-DX. VIDEO HERE


  • 2-in-1 Model (Street / All Terrain) – Enjoy the silky smooth comfort 90mm street wheels or take your adventure off road with MBS 100mm all terrain longboard wheels. The choice is yours.

  • Four Gear Ratio Options – Speed, torque, and efficiency tweaks at your fingertips. Mix and match wheels and wheel pulleys to achieve four distinct gearing ratios. Experiment to find the one that best suits you. Great intro to DIY ESK8s for those not yet ready to tackle electronics.

  • 21mph Top Speed – Use gear ratio #4 (16T:48T with 100mm wheels) to reach an exhilarating top speed of 21mph.

  • 20% Max Grade – Use gear ratio #1 (16T:60T with 90mm wheels) to tackle some of the steepest hills around. 20% is steep!

  • Dual Belt Drive Power – A gear ratio of 3.75 maximizes the torque available from its dual 1800W motors. Feel the power!

  • Highly Refined FOC Software on Texas Instruments Piccolo Microcontroller (MCU) creates silky smooth and reliable acceleration and braking profiles. These T.I. chips are pricey but they’re worth it. One ride and you’ll understand.

  • High Power 2.4Ghz Transmitter / Receiver – Signal for Dayyyys…. Rest assured you’ll always be connected to your board regardless of where you hold your remote.

  • Genuine Samsung 25R 18650 Lithium Cells – High capacity / high discharge cells pack power, range and reliability into an incredibly small package. Expensive, but worth it!

  • Bamboo Flex Deck – Revel in the comfort of our hybrid Maple / bamboo deck. Bamboo provides the flex needed to suck up the bumps while maple makes it stiff enough to still deliver precision carving.

Gear Ratios Wheel Pulley Wheel Dia. Best For

Gear Ratio 1 60T 90mm Climbing
Gear Ratio 2 60T 100mm All Terrain / All Around*
Gear Ratio 3 48T 90mm Street All / Around
Gear Ratio 4 48T 100mm Speed


  • Board fully assembled with Gear Ratio 2 – (4) MBS 100mm All Terrain Wheels, (2) 60T wheel pulleys, and (2) 246mm belts

  • Additional Set of (4) 90mm Street Wheels, (2) 48T wheel pulleys, and (2) 225mm belts

  • Battery Charger

  • Remote Control (Including USB charger cord)

  • Skate Tool

  • Owner’s Manual

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