ABOUT US | Prokite offers personalized kiteboarding lessons for all levels and styles of riders.  Expert Coaches with Jetski and Radio support working in ideal conditions.  No matter your experience level our team of passionate, IKO-certified instructors will help you progress.  When you’re ready to gear up, we’ll help you navigate the world of gear with personalized one-on-one service at our fully-stocked kiteboarding shop. 
ABOUT OUR LOCATION | South Padre Island is the windy jewel of the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Good wind and weather all year round, a massive shallow flatwater bay, and miles of clean, unrestricted ocean beach with great surf riding, make this one of the World’s best kite and winging destinations, and an especially great place to learn the basics.

HOW IT WORKS | To reserve a spot on our schedule, CALL, TEXT, or EMAIL to let us know when you are arriving, and we’ll handle the rest.  We recommend purchasing a lesson package to save.


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Anyone can learn to kite, so let’s get you on the water.

Explore the links below for more information on lesson packages, various services we offer, and the FAQ page.





INTRO TO KITEBOARDING  (2-hour session)

Land Based session to learn the basics of kite handling, or to practice flying skills on the beach if wind is too light to ride on the water.  Recommended but Not Required before heading out on a regular kiteboarding lessons.

PRIVATE     $290 ($145/hr)

GROUP       $240/person ($120/hr) (Max 4 students per instructor)

— —

KITEBOARDING LESSONS (2-hour sessions)

Waverunner and Radio Communication supported, we will put you in ideal conditions to succeed, get great pics and videos of you, and have an awesome experience.  Beginners learning to ride, Intermediates and Advanced riders that want a great worry free session with expert coaching and miles of open water to explore. 

PRIVATE     $390 (195/hr)

GROUP       $320/person  (160/hr) (Max 2 person per instructor)

— —


Book a Package to Save on Lesson Rates, and Earn Priority on the Schedule.  Package sales are limited, call ahead to reserve.

8hr PRIVATE     $1365     –   8hr   GROUP       $1120/person

12hr PRIVATE    $1950   –    12hr GROUP       $1560/person

— —

PRO CLINICS (1hr minimum)

ProClinic is a brief land based session typically focused on 1 or 2 topics.  Great for: Self launch and Land, Gear Tuning, a Specific Kite Handling or Riding Technique tips and advise, Etc

PRIVATE              $105 / hr        GROUP         $80 / hr / person

— —



INTRO TO WINGING                           $145/hr (1hr minimum) (land based)

Land Based Session to Learn the basics of handling a wing.  We will bring the offroad skateboards as well.


REGULAR WING FOIL LESSON           $390/2hrs (2hr minimum)

Waverunner and Radio Support to learn to Wing Foil on the water

— —

TOW SESSIONS / RIDING PRACTICE     $175/hr (1hr minimum)

Practice riding behind our waverunner, learn to ride twin tips, surfboards, or foils.  Tow in Surfing and Tow in Foiling in the Waves for advanced riders.

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PROKITE Commitment to Quality:

Learning Environments: We will not work in crowded or otherwise unfavorable locations.  We will take our clients to safe, uncrowded locations with favorable wind and water conditions where we can focus on improving skills and having a good time.

Kiteboarding Technique and Information: We recognize that kiteboarding is a dynamic sport with multiple pathways to learning and improving skills, and that everyone learns differently and progresses at their own pace. Regardless of a client’s skill level, we will facilitate a safe and fun session, offer multiple strategies to enhance skills and learn new ones, and ultimately provide a productive and supportive experience to help clients accomplish their goals. In addition to building kite handling and riding skills, our instructors will constantly work to raise our clients’ awareness of their surroundings, their gear, and their own abilities in order to help ensure that our clients become knowledgeable, responsible, and capable kiteboarders.

Services and Equipment: We will only use safe equipment of the highest quality, suited to each client’s needs and the day’s conditions. We will provide efficient and superior instruction through the use of instructor-to-student radio communication and Yamaha waverunner support. We will strive to go the extra mile by providing photo and video documentation of your experience.