Intro to Kiteboarding

If you have never flown a kiteboarding kite before, this is where you start. You will learn how to handle powerful kites safely and develop skills you will use to ride next time.

  • Kite handling and flying (kite control)
  • Kite safety
  • The latest high-quality kiteboarding equipment provided
  • Picture and video service
  • Fun and informative
  • Land-based activity


PRIVATE LESSON    $290 (2-hour session)

GROUP LESSON       $240 / person  (Max 4 students per instructor)

Whether you are ready to learn to kiteboard, want a fun challenge and adrenaline rush, or are simply curious to learn how kiteboarding feels without breaking a sweat, this class is for you.

Introduction to Kiteboarding, a.k.a. Basic Kite Handling, is something that anyone can participate in and enjoy. It is loaded with information as well as lots of kite flying and skill building.

The intensity level of this class will be adjusted by your instructor to suit your individual needs.  We can also take photos and/or video for you to keep so you can remember this exciting experience!

What to Bring:  Introductory lessons typically take place on the beach and sometimes in shallow water, depending on the weather. If it’s warm, we can practice flying the kite in shallow water, so plan to arrive beach and water ready. If you prefer to stay dry, that’s okay too.

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