Pro Clinics

Get the info you need to take your kite control, riding, or equipment performance to the next level.

  • Practice a specific kite handling technique
  • Tips, simulations, drills, and demonstrations for riding techniques
  • Self-launching and landing techniques
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Equipment tuning, optimizing, and modifying
  • New gear familiarization
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Professional supervision and advice in a safe environment
  • Private or discounted Private Party

PRIVATE       $75 / hr

GROUP         $50 / hr / person

(Flexible Group Size)(1/2hr min)

This is a great way for experienced kiters to improve their kite handling technique, familiarize themselves with or test new gear, or simply clear up any questions they have. Be rigged and ready with the gear you want to work with so we can start right away.

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