Brunotti Onyx 140x42cm


Brunotti Onyx 140×42


The Onyx is our accessible freeride kiteboard with a fine flex that feels at home in all circumstances.  The Kiteboard has been given a wooden core that ensures the perfect balance between flex and pop.  This gives the Onyx a wonderful comfort while riding, but you can still enjoy a nice jump or trick.  It has SR-Tech sides and a responsive flex, which makes it easy and effortless to cut through chop.  To top it off, it has a single concave in the bottom, which ensures that you can plan super fast.  Even if it is slightly less windy, the board stays on speed. 



  • ABS Sidewall
  • Hyperbolic Chassis
  • Single Concave


  • Wood Core


  • Splitter Twintip Fins
  • Screwcap 4pcs
  • High Performance Strap/Pad Set

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