Eleveight Process V5 135cm | 139cm | 144cm


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Version 5 of the Process uses new ABS rail material to enhance impact resistance. When paired with the 3D Paulownia wood core it delivers an outstanding flex pattern that is comfortable to the knees.

The Parabolic Rail Shape design improves the grip and upwind abilities, and the behaviour in chop tremendously reduces spray. The 50 mm carbon stringer smoothes landings, and the decreased thickness in the tips creates the best linear flex, enabling highly responsive riding characteristics.



● High-performance freeride twintip with game-changing flex

● Parabolic ABS rails for grip, upwind ability and higher impact resistance

● Reinforced with a 50mm carbon stringer for smooth landings and superior carving

● Progressive channel design for exceptional control in high speeds

● Equipped with 45mm G10 fins

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135, 139, 144

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