Slingshot Machine LW 17m



Slingshot Machine

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The Machine V1 has an all-new frame geometry that provides insane upward propulsion. Its highly efficient aspect ratio is tuned to launch you to new heights and air times while still maintaining lightning-quick reaction speed and turning. Built with an ultra-rigid Dacron frame as well as our premium 4×4 Canopy Tech made with reinforced Teijin ripstop nylon, the Machine V1 delivers structure, stability and unmatched wind range. This stability enables you to hold down more kite in more wind, unlocking larger and longer jumps. We focused on optimizing material sciences for a simplified approach when rounding out the Machine V1. Featuring a minimalistic and strategic paneling layout and a premium, streamlined pulleyless bridle system, the Machine V1’s weight is minimized for pure freeride performance.


We built the Machine V1 to enable riders of all skill levels to achieve their record heights. The Machine V1 flies upwind, has quick turning capabilities, effortless relaunch and the big-air ability to give any rider a rush.


•The Machine V1 will help you achieve your height and hang-time records.
•The Machine V1 is comfortable in any and every condition—even when you are not.
•Built with premium materials, the Machine V1 is one of the most technically advanced kites we have ever produced.

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