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PROKITE offers personalized kiteboarding lessons for all levels and styles of riders as well as a fully-stocked kiteboarding shop, open daily. We are committed to helping you make the most out of your trip to South Padre Island

Stop by for the latest on local conditions, island happenings, and of course, kiteboarding gear and accessories. The PROKITE shop is fully-stocked with everything from new and used kites and bars, all sizes of boards, kite surfboards, harnesses, pumps, foil equipment, wetsuits and neoprene layers, sun protection layers, helmets, impact vests, sunglasses, hats, repair accessories, radio equipment, travel bags and more. Please Bring a face mask and follow posted guidelines at door. 

South Padre Island Texas Kiteboarding Lessons



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Used School and Demo Gear for sale 

Fell in love with the kite you learned to ride on? 

Keep a good thing going and take it home with you! 

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Kiteboarding Lessons and Services

PROKITE offers personalized kiteboarding lessons for all levels and styles of riders. Whether you are just learning to ride or taking it to the next level with jumping, tricks, or trying new toys like surfboards and hydrofoils, PROKITE kiteboarding lessons will give you the support you need to progress. Our kiteboarding lessons are taught by certified instructors using waverunner support and radio helmet communication to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Our services include:

Private Lessons: 1 on 1 kiteboarding lessons with a coach.

Private Group Lessons: private, multi-person kiteboarding lessons with your friends and family (Prokite does not organize group lessons for strangers). 

Land Based Lessons: billed at a lower rate than regular riding lessons and include the following which do not involve waverunner support:

  • Intro to Kiteboarding – Introductory kiteboarding lessons for beginners
  • Kids Lessons 
  • Dirt surfing with the buggy or mountain boards
  • Land based sessions for advanced kiters looking to improve their kite flying or to practice a specific kite handling skill. 

Pro Clinics: a great way for advanced riders to take kite control, riding, or equipment performance to the next level.

Light / No-Wind Day Activities: include advanced kite handling skills from land, riding practice using the waverunner to tow twintip surf and foil board riding.

Rentals: a great way to try out new gear and avoid lugging your own gear from home (Reserved for experienced kiters who are proficient at staying upwind in all conditions.)

PROKITE Kite Shop: our year-round fully-stocked kiteboarding shop, located right down the road from excellent flat-water riding and South Padre Island’s clean, kite-friendly beaches. 

Book Now  by calling or emailing the PROKITE shop. To ensure the highest level of service and to minimize miscommunication, we handle all reservations by speaking with you one-on-one. To better help us serve you, we’ll need to know some things, such as your age and skill level. Almost anyone can learn how to kite, so let’s get you on the water- call or email us today!

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For more information about our lessons and rentals, check out the Lessons Page