places to ride SPI

SPI has plenty of options for both flat water riding and wave riding. If it’s windy, there’s always a place to ride. 

South Flats

Free access to great flat-water riding. The entrance is just north of the SPI Convention Center, on the left. You will see an unpaved road leading to wide bayside beach access. PROKITE sets up in the northernmost corner by the water. To reach us, follow the hard-packed path along the perimeter of the flats to the right. It is safe for all vehicles in all conditions, but to be safe, avoid the middle of the deeper puddles when it is wet. 

North Flats

Another great flat-water spot, managed by South Padre Island Windsurfing (SPIW), requires monthly pass ($20) or yearly ($30). Port-o-potties available. Passes available at PROKITE shop. 

Isla Blanca Park a.k.a. “The Jetty”

Popular and convenient kitesurfing spot. Pass required: A daily/weekly/monthly/yearly pass gets you access to both Isla Blanca Park and Andy Bowie Park. (956) 761-5494. Be mindful and courteous to beachgoers and surfers.


Drive several miles north of town. Great launch spot for a north front downwinder. Watch out for broken glass.  

Holly Beach

It can be windier here than on the island and buttery smooth. Oyster beds are hazardous and numerous. Reach by taking Holly Beach Road in Laguna Vista.

Boca Chica Beach

Opposite side of the jetties from Isla Blanca Park. Good wave riding, often very clean lines on a north front. Kite over by launching at Isla Blanca Park, or take Highway 48 to Boca Chica Blvd to drive on the beach (low tide only). 

Ocean Beaches

Dozens of free public beach accesses along SPI, several with public restrooms.

The Ditch

No-man’s land, rarely crowded flat water spot. Be mindful of hazards such as broken bottles and cactus. It is also possible to get stuck after rain.