Lessons and Services

Our team of highly experienced coaches are dedicated to your success using top of the line gear and in world class conditions.  Kiting, Foiling, Winging, Tow Surfing, or whatever it may be we are happy to help you start from the beginning, improve your skills, or simply make the most of the day out on the water.


    Private: $290

    Group;   $220 per person

    Up to 4prs per coach

    On the beach only session


    A great place to start if you have never flown a kiteboarding kite or handled a wing before. Also fun skill building session for experienced riders great for days not going out on the water. Intro lesson experiences are not required before booking regular lessons, if you know you want to ride and think you will pick it up fast book a regular lesson.

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    Private: $390

    Group;   $300 per person

    Up to 2prs per coach


    Beginner Lessons

    Advanced Lessons

    Guided Sessions to the best conditions.

    Waverunner and Radio Support

    Incredible kiteboarding experiences in World class conditions.

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    Private: $390

    Group: $320 per person

    Up to 2 prs per coach


    Beginner Lessons through Advanced technique training.

    Ride for miles on the Flatwater bay to get the hang of wing foiling! Jetski and radio supported sessions maximize your progression.

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    Private: $150

    Group: $110 per person

    Up to 2prs per coach per hour


    Skill building fun on the flatwater outside our shop front door. Practice riding kiteboards, surfboards, and hydrofoils behind our Yamaha Waverunners. Prokite Coaches are expert drivers and will help you achieve success.

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    For Kiteboarding and WingFoiling Experiences. Book a Lesson Package and Save


    4 Session Package:

    Private:  $1365

    Group:    $1120 per person

    6 Session Package:

    Private:  $1950

    Group:    $1560 per person

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    Private: $500

    Group: $375 per person


    Tow in surfing and foil surfing is for expert riders with prior experience riding behind boats or jetskis. Our drivers can line you up with the waves for the ride of your life here on South Padre. Conditions dependent.

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  • Rental Gear Policies

    • Rental gear is first come first serve on a day to day basis. No Reservations
    • Renter is responsible for paying repair or replacement costs for damaged gear, and although we constantly inspect our equipment it is your responsibility to inform us before you leave the parking lot if you notice any damage on the gear you are renting
    • Cleaning fee for any gear returned wet and or sandy or dirty $35 per item
    • Rental is per calendar day not per hour no exceptions. Gear can be returned before 1030am the following day at no extra charge.
    • We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone.
    • Although we can't imagine anyone seriously questioning this, but just in case: if you rent gear and don't use it for some reason (including there not being enough wind) yes you still need to pay for it.
  • Rental Items and Rates

    • KITEBOARDING PACKAGE ____(Kite, Bar, Kite Leash, Kiteboard, Harness, Pump)_________________________$175

    • KITE____(Kite Only)__________________________________________________________________________$125

    • KITEBOARD____(Twintip or Kitesurf Board)_______________________________________________________$50

    • KITEFOIL PACKAGE____(Kite, Bar, Kite Leash, Foil, Foilboard, Harness, Pump)___________________________$275

    • FOIL____(Lower Unit and 1 Mast)________________________________________________________________$75

    • FOIL MAST____(Mast Only)_____________________________________________________________________$35

    • FOILBOARD____(Any Type)_____________________________________________________________________$75

    • WINGFOIL PACKAGE____(Wing, Board, Foil, Pump, Leashes)__________________________________________$275

    • WING____(Wing Only)_________________________________________________________________________$125

    • SKATEBOARD________________________________________________________________________________$35

    • WETSUIT____________________________________________________________________________________$30

  • Kite and Wing Repairs

  • Board Repairs

  • Gear Mods and Tuning