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Slingshot Mixer XR Surfboard 5’8″

Slingshot Mixer XR Surfboard 5’8″

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A versatile, performance shortboard for shredding smaller waves and chop, the MIXER XR is built with XR Construction, an evolution of our popular hybrid EPS construction that yields incredible response, snap and lightweight performance. With bamboo and carbon reinforcements, XR Construction produces the perfect blend of weight and strength, providing you the highest performance true surfboard feel to handle all the rigors of kiteboarding. The MIXER XR’s quad concave bottom shape and a Versa Fin five-fin configuration creates a highly versatile board that is easily customizable—it can be ridden as a Thruster, as a Quad, or even a five-fin set up, depending on the conditions and personal preference. To focus on versatility, the MIXER XR has a winged rounded pintail that provides all-around stability, control, and performance in the majority of surf conditions.


  • XR Construction—the best blend of durability and weight, providing a true surfboard feel
  • Maximum performance in smaller marginal surf
  • Designed to give you speed and maneuverability—even in small surf
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